Chinese Medicine: Much More Than Needles

When people think of Chinese medicine, they instantly think, “acupuncture” and stop there, especially if they are needle-shy. The truth is, Chinese medicine is an entire system of treatment modalities. All of them target acupuncture meridians and use the same diagnostic techniques, but needling is only one of many ways to activate acu-points and harmonize the body. Here are some other ways we can treat you using Chinese medicine if you want nothing to do with needles:

  • Moxibustion. Moxibustion literally means “the burning of moxa.” Moxa is an herb (Chinese Mugwort), which has been refined to a wool-like form, and is lit to activate specific acu-points. Patients generally love the warming sensation and the ambience of the smell.
  • Cupping. This is an ancient healing technique that roots in many ancient cultures. Cupping detoxes the system, moves lymph, relieves pain and tension, and can even help someone flush out a cold virus. Patients describe it as very relaxing and like a “reverse massage.”
  • Gua Sha. This follows the same concept of cupping (moving lymph, releasing tension, etc.) but uses a different tool and technique. The practitioner applies oil to the skin and draws a gua sha tool back and forth across target areas. In ancient China, a gua sha tool could be anything with a thin, but rounded edge, such as a coin or a ceramic spoon. In cosmetic acupuncture, facial gua sha is done very gently, using jade, which has cooling, soothing properties.
  • Tui Na. This is a rhythmic, Chinese-style massage that specifically targets meridians and acu-points. Generally, the patient is massaged over clothing or through a sheet/towel.
  • Ear Seeds. Acupuncture points on the ear are very powerful and can treat the whole body. An ear seed is a grain-sized ball on a piece of tape that is applied to these points. They are meant to be worn for several days to constantly stimulate the points.
  • E-Stim. Electrical stimulation is a very effective therapy, especially when coupled with acu-points. Micro-current on facial acu-points for cosmetic treatments is growingly popular and also treats the whole body.
  • Magnets. Tiny magnets may be applied to acu-points to stimulate the point and may be worn during the duration of a treatment and even taken home.
  • Ion-Pumping. This is a modality that takes copper wires with a positive and negative polarity, which are fastened to needles that are either taped to a point or barely inserted. While no electrical current is being fed into the body, the body’s own electrical field interacts with the cords. Ion pumping is highly effective for emotional disorders.
  • Teishin. A teishin is a tool used in Japanese-style acupuncture. It looks like a small silver nail, but it is not sharp. Most teishins are made of gold or silver. It is held over acu-points while the practitioner focuses energy over the point. The metal is highly conductive, and many patients report a sensation of energy movement around the point and up the involved meridian.
  • Don’t forget I also do herbal consultsEmotion Code treatments, and custom flower essences, all of which are obviously needle-free! Hope to see you soon to try one of these exciting, therapeutic treatment styles!