“My wife sought acupuncture for hip, sleep, and shoulder issues. After seeing the results in my wife in all three areas, I knew I had to check it out.” –Anonymous


"Dr. Lindsey Rushmore has changed my life! During my acupuncture treatments I was the healthiest I have been in my life and attend amazing results." –M.M.

I was diagnosed with arthritis in my neck 20 years ago and have been living in pain, which has exacerbated as the years rolled on. It was so severe I had trouble concentrating on anything else. Lindsey was a bright light for me. I thank God daily for her aptitude and knowledge. Her healing hands worked a miracle for me. I had tried everything Western medicine came up with with absolutely no results. If you are living in pain and there seems to be no answer for your pain, you truly should reach out to Dr Rushmore. I am a new person today!” —J.J.

“My treatment was an amazing experience. I loved being under Lindsey’s care. This has truly been exceptional, by far the best medical treatment.” –S.S.

“I completely enjoyed my first ever acupuncture experience under Lindsey’s care. Any anxiety I had about needles entering my skin were quickly vanquished within the first 5 minutes. Lindsey’s superior professionalism is surpassed only by her compassion. She takes the time to understand her patient’s needs and strives to accomplish their desired results. I found my sessions with her to be enlightening, therapeutic, and beneficial.” –K.M.

"Lindsey is a gentle acupuncturist. She is very nice and gifted. After several treatments from her, you will feel much better." – E. G.

“I went to Lindsey for lingering effects of a frozen shoulder. I had tried MANY different therapies and continued to have limited mobility. So frustrating! After acupuncture treatments with Lindsey, I now have a full range of mobility in my arm and shoulder. Immediately after treatment I went to Italy for 12 days and had no problems with my backpack. I am very grateful! Two thumbs up. Highly recommend!” -M.S.


“Lindsey is an exceptional healer. Her acupuncture is amazing! She is very gentle and in tune with you. Lindsey is gifted and blessed in her field, and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done!”  –J.S.


"Dr. Rushmore is truly amazing and intuitive! I have had excellent results and have referred her to both family and friends and will continue to do so!" –B.B.


"Lindsey is a highly qualified, highly gifted acupuncturist. I have found her treatments to be not only on the mark, but profound in their efficacy. You are in very good hands here!" –M.H.


"I sought treatment from Lindsey after losing the use of one arm from nerve damage caused by shingles, and the use of the other a few weeks later from overuse. She was able to bring both arms back to full functionality in a few months." –N.S.

“I have an incurable bone disease, and Western Medicine no longer had any options to improve my condition. To say I experienced results would be an understatement. I felt relief no pharmaceutical could match and made more progress than I had in the past ten years.” –B.W.

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